Karen Kay Regozo


Karen Kay was born in Toronto, Ontario and started her journey with dance at the young age of 3 with Spirit of Aloha School. Hula dancing encouraged her to have a lot of gracefulness but Kay, as family and friends like to call her, enjoyed watching BET and wanted [...]

Shenika Hamilton


D.O.B. April 6th 1993 Born and raised in Scarborough. Shenika comes from a single parent environment where finances are tough and certain luxuries couldn’t be afforded. Her family wasn’t able to put her in dance classes so Shenika learned hip hop culture through the music she was exposed to as a child, and through [...]

Monica Fernandes


Monica Fernandes aka KNIVES After being in a nearly fatal car accident that threatened her mobility at ten years old, Monica Fernandes got a second chance at life and decided she would put her story into dance. With no money for studio classes, she began learning moves from videos of artists like Missy Elliott [...]